Buffalo Casting - National Commercial for Household Cleaning Product

We are casting for fun people with interesting stories and real cleaning challenges. This is a great chance to share your lives on a national scale and make some bank.


Rare breeds? Monkeys? Birds? Reptiles? Lions and Tigers and Bears? Oh my! Your love of the unusual brings it's own challenges to keeping your home clean.

Providing short-term in-home care for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animals in need can be a messy labor of love.

Keeping the floors constantly clean is both a major worry and task for anyone with a baby that is beginning to crawl.

Living in the countryside is very different from city living. While the life is simpler, the cleaning can be challenging, fields and dirt roads mean a lot of dust. Think cattle, agricultural or even emus!


If Cast - A film crew will come to your home for 2 consecutive days and document you using new cleaning products.

Rate - SAG Scale session fees + residuals based on usage if the spot is used. Approximately $1,000 per person, per shoot day + additional payments based on the national usage. All participants will be paid in accordance with the SAG/AFTRA Guidelines.

Interviews - Ongoing until the end of November.

Shoot Dates - November, December and January.

Shoot Location - Your home anywhere in the US.

To Be Considered - We are accepting either video or email submissions.

Video Submissions (preferred)

  1. Print and fill out our questionnaire located here.
  2. On camera, introduce your family & pets and tell us about yourselves.
  3. Upload your video to hightail.com
  4. Email us the provided link and your questionnaire to auditions@buffalocasting.com with the subject Let's get clean!
  5. Cross you fingers.

Email Submissions

  1. Print and fill out our questionnaire located here.
  2. Scan and email the questionnaire along with your contact information, recent photos of your family, home and pets.
  3. Title your email Let's get clean! and email us at auditions@buffalocasting.com
  4. Cross your fingers.

Due to the large number of responses we may not respond to each email but all submissions will be reviewed.

Please share, repost, but DO NOT alter the content.

Thank you and good luck!

Buffalo Casting